About Writerly

“Violence in India-held Kashmir has taken the shape of a recurring nightmare, with no sign of an early end to the repression”, writes Dawn in one of its editorials. Almost every Kashmiri suffers mentally, with more than 45% of the population suffering very severely, reads a survey conducted by the international humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontièrs or Doctors Without Borders (MSF). This is more likely because everyone has experienced a mentally disturbing event at some point in their life. Almost every Kashmiri has a story to tell; and in this case, theses stories depict overwhelming mental anguish or grief. This has, however, led to a very little space for pen as young people are taking to arms to avenge. This doesn’t mean that the youth are not inclined to pens and books. Our youth are more intelligent, more considerate and more writers than anyone else can think . The stereotypes and exaggerated images created, as you can see in the snapshots below, are of no significance, since our youth have a realized ability to write and read.


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Writerly destroys this false narrative further by taking the youth to create stories that have the potential to stretch the hearts and help ourselves heal. Voila! Rights through the pen! 🙂